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Custom JS in ProcessWire backend

We look at how we can quickly add some Javascript magic to the ProcessWire admin, without creating a module or doing anything complicated. This quick tutorial is for people new or already advanced users of PW. Maybe either of you can pick up something new along the way.

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2014/04/02 9:57 PM • ProcessWire Tutorial Comments (4)

Create a helper module for ProcessWire to generate FontAwesome icon markup

In this simple tutorial we gonna create a little module step by step that will help us deal with creating FontAwesome icons in our template markup. You'll be able to use it for also for other purposes and expand on it. Maybe it will help you understand a little better what can be archived with a simple module in ProcessWire.

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2014/01/15 10:56 PM • ProcessWire Tutorial Comments (1)

Flexible downloads using pages in ProcessWire

You will be able to create a new page using template "PDF" (or any you setup), upload a pdf file. You then can select this page using page fields, or links in Wysiwyg. The url will be to the page and NOT the file itself.

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2013/12/15 12:06 PM • ProcessWire Tutorial Comments (2)

Add bramus_cssextras plugin to TinyMCE Inputfield

Since a latest updates to TinyMCE inputfield there's an option to add custom plugins from outside the core to TinyMCE on a per field basis. Here's an example how to add the bramus_cssextras plugin.

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2013/12/14 1:40 PM • ProcessWire Tutorial Comments (0)